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Welcome to the BIBC

The Building Industry Bargaining Council [Southern– and Eastern Cape] (BIBC) is a statutory body established i.t.o. section 27 of the Labour Relations Act 1995, with its prime objective being the enhancement and maintenance of sound employer/employee relations in the Building Industry in the Southern and Eastern Cape.

The Council has a sound infrastructure and has jurisdiction in 18 major magisterial districts in the Southern and Eastern Cape.

The Head Office is situated at 169 Haupt Street, Sidwell and a mobile office is situated at Doneraille Square, George Central.

Since 2004 the Council is also undertaking the administration of the East London Council where an office is operated locally, for the benefit of employers/employees in the East London region.

The Council makes use of two mobile office units, which regularly visit the remote regions within the Council’s area of jurisdiction to ensure that a proper service is rendered to employees and employers, who are unable to visit the branch offices.

The Council employs a knowledgeable and experienced staff complement who interalia has been fully trained in aspects such as, Labour Relations, benefit fund administration, conciliation techniques and arbitration skills.

BIBC Overview

The Council administers the following benefit funds to which employees and employers in the Industry contribute jointly:

Apart from comprehensive benefit fund administration, the Council also provides assistance re wage and benefit negotiations for the Building Industry within its area of jurisdiction.

The Council is also instrumental in ensuring industrial peace via its collectively agreed dispute resolution procedures which cater for a process of conciliation, compliance persuasion and arbitration.

The Council’s staff also provide advice to employers and employees in the industry regarding a wide spectrum of Labour related issues such as: retrenchments

  • Unfair dismissals
  • Industrial action
  • Contracts of employment
  • Training and affirmative action.

The Council’s Financial Affairs are managed according to high accounting standards and are subjected to regular internal and strict external audits by reputable and internationally recognized auditors.

The Council ensures an organized and informed Labour Relations portfolio to the Building Industry within its area of jurisdiction and prides itself on a sound history of service to the Industry, spanning over many years.


The Council’s Main Objectives can be summarised as being:

  • To consider and regulate matters of mutual interest to employers and employees in the industry.

  • To secure the complete organisation of employers and employees throughout the industry.

  • To promote good relations between employees and employers to secure cooperation and the recognition of mutual interests.

  • To establish and regulate uniform conditions of employment for employees within the industry.

  • To establish means of securing to employees the greatest possible security of earnings and employment.

  • To endeavour to minimise unemployment and casual labour.

  • To ensure the recognition and observance by all persons in the Industry, of any negotiated Collective Agreements.

  • To make representations to NEDLAC on policy and legislation that may affect the industry or relations between employers and employees.

  • To resolve labour disputes.