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Contact Person: Mrs. Helen Jacobs

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The objective of this fund is to ensure payment of employees during the annual shut-down of the Industry in December/January each year.

Employers contribute to this fund on a weekly basis by way of an hourly allowance payable to their employees i.r.o. every hour worked.

The contributions are calculated to ensure full payment for the 4 (four) week shut-down period (in the case of East London region 3 (three) weeks) including the paid public holidays which fall within the shut-down period.

The Fund ensures continuity of an employees’ holiday pay, even if he/she moves between different employers during the course of a year, as all contributions made on his/her behalf are accumulated to his/her unique registration number, to be paid out to him/her prior to the shut-down.

The Fund also benefits employers in that they contribute to their employees’ holiday pay on a weekly/monthly basis and do not need to provide for large amounts for this purpose during December of each year.

Employees who have left their employers before 30 September in any year, collect their accumulated holiday pay directly from the offices of the Council in December of each year.

The Council provides each employer participating in the system with a detailed schedule reflecting what each of his employees should receive by way of holiday pay for each year.


Employers who want to register employees can make use of the following forms:

Form 1Intention of Employment [HFIE01]

Form 2Application for Registration of Employees [HFAREM]

Should you require more information in this regard contact

Mrs. Helen Jacobs at

Tel: 041 453 2751.