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SICK PAY FUND – East London

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The purpose of the Sick Pay Fund is to compensate members for loss of earnings as a result of unemployment due to illness, accident or family responsibility. It also provides for gratuities and or annuities i.r.o. cases of permanent disability. The Fund has as it’s overall purpose to do all things necessary to ensure the welfare of it’s members within the constraints of its rules.

Employers contribute to the Fund by way of an hourly allowance.

The Fund requires a doctor’s certificate for any claim of sick pay.

The Fund pays a benefit of 75% of an employee’s wage per working day for a period of 15 days plus a “stamp contribution” should such employee be off sick for 3 (three) days or more; thereafter 50% of the wage for 50 working days and thereafter, with the Council’s permission, 25% for a period of 65 working days.

The benefit of this Fund is that employers do not have to pay sick leave payment to their employees, as the Fund pays for it.

Some of the main exclusions are:

  • Injury on duty

  • Self inflicted injury / diseases

  • Where a third party is liable

  • Injury due to participation in professional sport

  • Drug / alcohol related diseases / injury

Claim forms can be obtained from this website.

Contact person: Mrs. Sonia Erasmus