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The Fund came into being in August 1968, as a result of intensive bargaining between employers’ organisations and trade unions. The Fund was designed to specially cater for the employees, employers and their staff who work in the building industry.

The Fund provides basic affordable health insurance at a flat rate per family, irrespective of the number of dependants and was established mainly to assist artisans in the industry with their medical expenses. The Fund however has approximately 50% of its membership from the ranks of the MBA employers in the Southern and Eastern Cape at the moment.

It is an Industrial Scheme and is, therefore based on a 80% / 20% basis for most medical services with certain other ratios i.r.o. medicines and spectacles and major operations are covered on a 90% / 10% basis.

See the TABLE OF BENEFITS detailing the benefit structure for your information (applicable from 1 March 2010).


Voluntary Members:

R3 388.00 per month (monthly in advance(Applicable from 1 October 2019)


R438.00 per week (R219.00 employer/R219.00 employee) (Applicable from 1 October 2019)

Voluntary & Pensioner Members

We wish to inform you that you also have the option of arranging a debit order with your bank or transferring the money electronically (EFT). If you decide to choose either option, our banking details are as follows:

Bank             : STANDARD BANK

Account        : BIMAF

Branch Code   : 05 02 17

Account No.    : 080 519 830

Read more about the waiting period in Rule 7.3 of the BIMAF FUND RULES.

Click on this link for the MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION form.

Prospective members are welcome to contact the office, should you require any information regarding the Fund and/or the “Table of Benefits”.