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Wage Increase 2020/2021: Port Elizabeth

Please find the 2020/2021 Contribution Schedules for implementation as from 1 October 2020.

For guidance regarding the recommended wage increase, please consult the local Master Builders Association at (041) 365 1835 or email on ecmba@global.co.za.

Employers are also advised that voluntary membership of the Council’s Medical Aid Fund is available to all MBA employers and to all employees in the industry. For details regarding this, please contact the Council’s MEDICAL AID FUND.

It has unfortunately become necessary to re-align the  contribution to the Benefit Fund to be wage-band based i.r.o. the various employee categories.  Due to the Fund facing possible depletion, it was decided to re-align contributions in relation to actual wages payable in terms of claims paid, to ensure the continued existence of the Benefit Fund.  Membership of this Fund ensures that employees claim payment for sick leave and family responsibility leave from this Fund, instead of from their employers.

Should you experience any difficulty in interpreting the schedules, please do not hesitate to contact the Council’s offices in Port Elizabeth for further explanation.


Office of the Council Secretary